1j_2_yeekpttaffrsafjtgpkhjvf8rwkaiqc0Anandwan was founded in 1949 by internationally known human rights activist Baba Amte, to better the plight of the marginalized leprosy patients and people with disabilities through treatment, training and active inducement in self managed communes. The unique approaches of individual development consists of helping the marginalized break free from the past and regain their lost sense of dignity by engaging in production oriented trades to let them live an economically productive life.

Anandwan is run by MaharogiSewaSamiti, a nonprofit organisation that has a firm belief in giving a ‘Chance’ and not just charity to the socially outcasts who have lost sense of self-respect. It gives them opportunities to self discover the worth of their hidden ability and thus eliminate their dependence on others.
Today MSS shelters rather unusual cohort of 3500 people spread in four districts of Central India consisting of leprosy patients, people with disabilities like the hearing and, visually impaired and orthopaedically handicapped, orphans, senior citizens and socially backward people like tribals. MSS aspires to make each of its differently-abled inmates self-reliant by imparting value based training thus enabling them to live their life with dignity.29fkl519lj4wwvm8tf6bnfsskcoqgj7wgj1va422m6inkjlif9iak22lc5ffrxbzb7swwqhpubk_npezi_p7zq

anandwanMSS work on wide spectrum of activities ranging from provision of basic healthcare and rehabilitation, development of land and water resource, enhancement of incomes and sustainable livelihoods, imparting formal and vocational education and sensitization of youth on environmental and socioeconomic issues. MSS strives to couple innovative tools and technology with the above activities for environment friendly means of coexistence.

MSS has been a pioneer in medical treatment and rehabilitation of leprosy patients in the world. Till date around 80 thousand people have benefited through its activities. It is fast becoming a focal point from where the quintessence of new paradigms of social work and developmental activities is spreading far and wide. The institution has grown over the last five decades to become an internationally renowned institution and perhaps the largest community of leprosy afflicted and people with disabilities in the world.rhpnrtoq0wq0j2k_1lwzz2dcrsntp2aobdjjszoh9behkud_lfmbbl0_dcvhesru_sepndxbmxlwd9_otzaray

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